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How is my life right now??

finished by Puiyeebabyy at Wednesday, November 06, 2013
Hello there! is been awhile that i am so didnt even update yea right is no time i am starting working back home sleep off day sleep and resting so that's me in the picture have been very fat right not so fat haha just chubby yea i have been not couple for a year then starting dating in 2012 July :) since i broke up with asshole!! .. whatever lets start talking about how's my life going right now ? yea i have been date with that guy on 2012 july yea i still remember how we start talking on SMS not face to face i thought we just a friends cause i still not even ready for couple or even dating :( coz i really heartbroken since a year ago ... well is past nothing just hate! erm so he starting sms me while on that day i am kinda busy about my team that start and opening is like a car team like a club so he start to texting me and i reply every text that he send to me yea kinda funny seriously he asking me that he love a girl no guts to tell that girl that he fall in love to? so i tell him be brave if not you will regret so i like cheering so we start texting more then i ask him who are you wanna fall in love to? he text me that all the way he fall in love to is ME?!!!!! i like WAOH ! is so freaking surprise that i really didnt know that he will love me right?? HAHAHAA yea so we have been starting dating and we know each other and i just happy seriously i thought my heart is still broken because when i found him in my life he is the one i love most! 
yea that him! we are like a love bird chehh ! :)) i am happy girl right now we argue , we laugh , we care , we share , we love ! all i have is you ! i am happy to know you! you loyal and honest everyday meeting you is not getting bored cause is just like my present every single day i meeting you :) thanks for accompany me and thanks for your love on the first sight that cheer me and giving you time to show your love for me ! i really happy i know you are not sweet but seriously i already enough what i have right now :) 

so that is us! :) gonna see the next post soon ! real soon bye!


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